West Ridge Nature Preserve, Park Advisory Council (PAC)

Chicago Park District

Observe Birds on Early Morning Guided Walks


If you are an early bird and want to see, hear and identify birds, our 8 a.m. guided walks are just for you. Your opportunity to see the largest variety of birds is during peak migration season, March through May. And don’t forget your binoculars.

The walks begin at the preserve’s front gate on the appointed days, mostly a Saturday or Sunday morning, and occur several times a month when birds are migrating. On May 13 migration season walk, birders saw 57 different species,  including some not yet recorded in the preserve, like Orchard Orioles and Bay-breasted Warblers. We have nesting Green Herons, Eastern Bluebirds and Northern Flickers (among others) in the Preserve this spring as well. To keep up with the latest observations in the Preserve, see the “Hotspot” listing on ebird.org. Here’s the link: ebird.org/ebird/hotspot/L3921197
Plans are in the works to hold monthly guided walks, weather permitting. PAC member Jeff Wade organizes the walks, and this spring we were lucky enough to have tremendous leaders from the Chicago Ornithological Society, the McHenry County Audubon Society, and the Field Museum. Check our monthly calendar for bird walk dates.
Great Blue Heron
Eastern Kingbird
Indigo Bunting