West Ridge Nature Preserve, Park Advisory Council (PAC)

Chicago Park District

Our Nature Play Area Is Now 

An Officially Certified Space.


 Our Newly Approved Enhancement Plan

Allows Us to Begin the Implementation Phase,


Including a Funding Campaign  

Good news! The Nature Oasis Program of the Chicago Park District gave us the green light! They certified our Nature Play Area space and approved our enhancement proposal. Approved were almost all of our plan's features.  

Now we go forward with our Outdoor Free Play Project.  Roll up your sleeves; the hard work begins.

We and our volunteers will fund, build and install the smaller features. In addition, the park district requires us to cover their costs for designing, constructing and installing the larger ones.

Funding Campaign

Thus, we have launched our first funding campaign. We appreciate small and large donations. Learn more about our cause and donate at:


While volunteer time and costs will be high, our project is a worthy one. 

As children explore and interact in our enhanced Nature Play Area, they will improve their cognitive, creative, social and physical skills. We also hope they fall in love with nature and become future stewards of the environment.

And what fun they will have! They can dig in the dirt, climb a fallen tree, roll down a hill, walk through a tall grass maze, crawl through a tunnel, and so much more.

Community Involvement 

We cannot overemphasize how crucial the community is to the success of this project.  There's a place for you as fundraisers, builders, marketers, activity leaders and donors.

Besides fundraising, construction is a major priority.  Please join our team.

Volunteer construction will begin on Earth Day, April 21, and be ongoing.

Click here to volunteer for construction and/or other support  or express your interest on our Contact Page

If you have questions or suggestions, please email:

Arlene Brennan

[email protected]

Learn More about Play Area Implementation Below.                                                                                      Read Background Information

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