West Ridge Nature Preserve, Park Advisory Council (PAC)

Chicago Park District

Our Committees Want YOU:
Help, Plan, Belong

Education and Program Committee
Can you envision helping others embrace our urban wilderness? This committee creates and oversees activities that promote knowledge about natural habitats, especially ours. Maybe you care about introducing children to the joys of playing, experiencing and learning in nature. Maybe you care about adult learning. Many opportunities exist for involvement with nature preserve events, public library and other partnership program, StoryWalk and with development of new activities and programs. We also need people to solicit and guide teacher groups, school field trips and nature organization outings. Please sign up on the Contact Page under Education.

Nature Play Area Committee

Do you believe that outdoor nature play helps children thrive physically, mentally and creatively? Members of our Nature Play Area Committee do. And research backs them up. Once Nature Play Area Construction is complete, this committee assumes program, oversight and maintenance responsibilities. What fun to be the first to launch programs and activities specifically for the new play area. The space is conducive for arts and crafts. A small stage is perfect to bring in story tellers and performers of various sorts as well as encourage children to perform. The possibilities are endless. And, of course, group and individual use of the play area needs to take place within an environment that is safe, respectful and clean.  Help expand this new committee by signing up on the Contact Page under education.
Environment Committee
Do you have a passion for environmental issues and a practical interest in clearing, weeding and planting? This committee focuses on protecting our nature preserve’s wildlife habitat. We advocate for and work toward enhancing its biodiversity. At the same time, we embrace the environmentally sensitive use of the area for viewing, walking, meditating, learning, bird watching and dock fishing. Our PAC stewards, both master naturalists, oversee our monthly volunteer PAC Work Days and On-site Observation efforts. Our involvement in monitoring endangered species is part of area-wide data collection efforts. Please sign up on the Contact Page under Environment.
Promotion, Publicity and Communication Committee
How about those of you who love connecting with others – creating and sharing information, encouraging participation and involvement, keeping everyone in the loop? This committee informs PAC members, surrounding community groups, the press, and key governmental agencies of our activities and volunteer need. Help us identify new people to contact and new ways to spread the word. Contribute to one of our existing communication vehicles: fliers, e-blasts, a website, a Facebook page and an on-site kiosk. Coordination of information and consistency of message are priorities. Please sign up on the Contact Page under Promotion, Publicity & Communication.

Resource and Development Committee

Are you someone who likes to search for resources and loves to write? This committee finds funds and material donations that meet our PAC's plans, goals and needs  The Chicato Park District gives us help but as a PAC we raise our own money for programs and improvements. Help us identify grant opportunities and get background  information on local companies. Maybe try your hand at writing a grant or developing a rationale for why the local community should support us. Or sit around with other PAC members and chat while we stuff envelopes. Please sign up on the Contact Page under Resource and Development.